tsunbot commands

tsunbot disable morality safeguards

makes tsunbot become a malevolent, sentient ai

tsunbot enable morality safeguards

allows you to hopelessly attempt to save humanity

tsunbot bowie

tsunbot posts bowie lyrics

tsunbot hug

tsunbot hugs a specified user

tsunbot kisu

tsunbot kisus a specified user

tsunbot desu

tsunbot links to desu here

tsunbot quickscope

tsunbot quickscopes a specified user

tsunbot music

tsunbot links to music here

tsunbot fite me irl

tsunbot will fite u irl

tsunbot 8chan

tsunbot links to /kawaiidesuka/

tsunbot neocities

tsunbot links to the homepage here

tsunbot github

tsunbot links to my github

tsunbot source

tsunbot links to her source

tsunbot die

kills tsunbot


tsunbot will answer a yes or no question

tsunbot lewd

makes tsunbot lewd a specified user

tsunbot bento

tsunbot becomes really tsundere

tsunbot waifu

makes tsunbot even more tsundere

tsunbot bot

makes tsunbot reveal her true nature


tsunbot responds with "yes?"


tsunbot responds with "ohayou"