kawaiidesuka's s00per sekrit blog


worked on morrowind-generator

need to fix some bugs on that

set up arch on a 2007 imac

i shall call it archmac

configured archmac a bit

rating: 6/10


finished configuring archmac

finished super hentai battle sim current year

feeling more homesick than usual

added content to site

went to the hospital

rating: 1/10


played skyrim for eight hours

finished a dank animu

laughed for more than a moment

fixed "broken" tablet by charging it

became chairman of the bored

rating: 5/10


finished super hentai battle sim current year ii

went well over my calorie limit

ate chocolate mushrooms

found weird porn on an ipod i loaned to a relative

was chairman of the bored again

rating: 4/10